Tedy Bruschi on OMF explains why Jimmy Garoppolo may make most sense for Patriots


Add Tedy Bruschi to the list.

The former Patriots linebacker and current ESPN NFL analyst is another media member that believes Jimmy Garoppolo may be the quarterback of the Patriots in 2021.

Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Wednesday, Bruschi explained how much pressure there will be on the next QB of the team and Garoppolo may be one of the few able to handle it.

“This is why I think it is going to be so difficult and I think maybe [Jimmy Garoppolo] is the way to go because he’s been in New England before and played under Tom Brady and been in the stadium with all those banners to look up to and know he was somewhat part of it," he said. "Any other quarterback, why do you want to follow Tom Brady? You’re always going to be compared to the successes and the past, and that is going to make it a tough job. That’s going to make it a job to where guys will come in, ‘I can’t live up to that.’ I think the pressure is higher than ever in New England in terms of the next quarterback is going to be.

"You’ve better have some guts to come in here. I’ll tell you that right now because from Day 1 it is going to be like, ‘OK, we’re ready for a Super Bowl championship.’ And [that player] will have to deliver because that’s what [fans] are used to here. I think Garoppolo knows that. I think Garoppolo could even say, ‘You know what, I can do it. I know how it’s done.’ To me, maybe that is the best option because of the amount of pressure the new guy is going to have. It’s going to be a hard, hard task."

Garoppolo will still be under contract with the 49ers this offseason, but there's speculation the team could trade or even release the 29-year-old.

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