Cam Newton on GHS admits he uses teams that passed on him this offseason as motivation


Cam Newton is a motivated player this season and teams that passed on him this offseason may have an extra thing coming when the Patriots play them.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday morning, Newton admitted he does feel disrespected.

“I’ll put it like this: There was a long time off,” he said. “There’s a docu-series that I do have coming out about 86 nights. For any person that has felt forgotten, yeah I do feel disrespected to a degree. That’s even making me even more loyal and excited to the Patriots organization for giving me an opportunity.

“… I do feel like I wake up ticked off with things to prove to certain people, whether it’s players, whether it’s coaches, whether it’s GMs, whether it’s just the God that has blessed us with the sun today. I don’t need to much to get going. I am a self-proclaimed motivator for myself and that is what I do. When I play teams that I do know had an opportunity to come get me, yeah it is an added advantage to go out and do more.”

As for working with Bill Belichick, things are still going well.

“I think the thing people must know, he makes even the smartest players more cerebral,” Newton said. “With that being said, we go over situational football each and every single day and there’s no point in time where he cannot stop something and teach you something. He’s the ultimate teacher and I just respect that.

“I feel as if — I didn’t know what to expect coming in here and you hear stories and I have just been blown away by his professionalism to adapt on the run in-game. There were a lot of in-game adjustments yesterday and it was just cool to watch and see. But, the preparation leading up to it — we do a lot of self-scouting here and self-scouting means if we just focus on our fundamentals and focus on how we can become better that helps in itself. That is something that has blown me away knowing I just have to be the best version of me.”