Cam Newton on GHS calls fit with Patriots ‘match made in heaven’


When Cam Newton signed with the Patriots back in early July, everyone wondered what the fit would be?

How would he fit with the Patriots offense? How would he work with Bill Belichick, etc.?

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday morning with Mike Mutnansky, Jermaine Wiggins and Nick "Fitzy" Stevens filling in, Newton acknowledged he had questions himself, but after a month-plus with the organization called it a "match made in heaven."

“I didn’t know what to expect, and I am just being as honest as I possibly can because I know you guys want to hear,” he said. “I didn’t know what to expect. Just the same questions that a lot of people and talk shows, gossip talk, barber shop talk, chit-chatter, text messages -- they wanted to know, I wanted to know as well. I wanted to know is it real what they say about Belichick? Just, I didn’t know.

“Honestly, it’s been a match made in heaven for me just knowing I am at a place where everything is pulling in the same direction and everything is geared towards winning. Coming from a person that has won at all levels, I feel as if that if I do the things the right way, trusting the same people who have gotten me to this point and trust their coaching, I think this is something that when you look at an opportunity in a timely manner, it can be accomplished.”

As for what he thought of Belichick, it all changed with one phone call.

“I think every type of stereotype that I had about Coach Belichick changed the day I talked to him,” Newton said. “You look at the linage of players he’s had over the years — obviously the Brady’s, the Randy Moss’, the Corey Dillon’s, the Lawrence Taylor’s, and the list goes on, Tedy Bruschi, it’s no wonder why he’s sustained success over the years.

"… If he was able to accomplish those things with those players, it made a lot of sense. The time when I spoke to him and obviously meeting with him face-to-face, it removed any type of doubt, if I even had any. It’s just exciting to play for a person like that.”

Although Belichick will not officially confirm it to the media, Newton will be the Week 1 starter.

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