Cam Newton delivered one of the best quotes from a Patriots player in quite some time


Historically, the Patriots haven’t been known for great quotes to come from their players, but that has changed a bit with the addition of Cam Newton.

Speaking via video conference on Thursday, Newton was asked what he’s learned over the last few weeks in which the Patriots have lost three games in a row and he has struggled.

His answer was outstanding.

"Losing is not acceptable in this locker room. In this county. In this state. In this area. In this region,” he said. “So Cameron Newton, you need to pick your expletive up.

“That's what I've learned."

Newton also said how this whole week has been a humbling experience because he’s not used to struggling and getting pulled during a game.

“This whole week — starting on Sunday in the first quarter — was a humbling experience," he said. "Getting a tap on the shoulder was a humbling experience. From saying, ‘Hey, we’re thinking about…’ Hey, that’s all humbling and I am not used to that. Now I am at a cross-roads where if you don’t pick up your play that is going to be a permanent decision.”

The team, which sits at 2-4, will travel to Buffalo on Sunday for a game Newton called “must-win.”