Cam Newton: I know what my issue is


It's very clear Cam Newton is not playing good football right now.

Sunday's blow out loss to the 49ers where he was pulled was his third straight poor performance, but this was the worst of them all. Newton was 9-for-15 passing with 98 yards and three interceptions and he was pulled in favor of Jarrett Stidham at the start of the fourth quarterback.

Newton wasn't seeing the field well at all and then some of the throws that he did make to open receivers weren't good at all, including bouncing at least a few.

Speaking after the game, Newton said he knows what the issue is.

"I can't allow myself to feel sorry for myself," he said. "I know what the issue is and you just have to attack it and do better."

So, what is the issue?

"Me not playing good," Newton responded.

Newton said multiple times that there is nothing wrong with him physically and he's ready to get back to work to prepare for the Bills this coming Sunday.

"I'm not going to point fingers at nobody else being the fact that I just didn't get the job done," he said. "And when you have a performance like that going against a team like this, what happened tonight will happen again. So like I said, it's a distasteful taste and feeling, but yet here moving forward you just got to get on a roll. We just got to get one. Once that happens -- we just got to start with tomorrow, come back, review the film, and don't put too much into understanding life's lesson.

"So with that being said, I understand what's expected, and only thing that I can control is putting a good body of practice in a week and put myself in the best situation."