Cam Newton jokes Bill Belichick has direct line to God, Jesus


Cam Newton has seemingly really enjoyed playing for Bill Belichick this season.

Following the win over the Ravens, he referred to him having a “Staples Easy Button,” the “Buffalo Wild Wings Button” and being "The Football Whisperer.”

When speaking Thursday, the quarterback was asked if any of those could replace Belichick's nickname of "Dolla Dolla Bill?"

“Those weren’t nicknames," he said. "That’s his reach, you know what I’m saying? As he says, I don’t want to get the number wrong, don’t quote me on this, but he always says, ‘I’ve been coaching this game a long time — 47-plus years.’ I scratch my head like, ’47 years?! Dang.’ He’s got a lot of connections in his rolodex of numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if God or Jesus [is] on one of those yellow pages he’s got tucked under his desk. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Belichick has actually been coaching for 45 years, as he started when he was 23 years old.

“I never; it’s not my job to ever question coaching," Newton said. "I don’t care if he says something pertaining to Mother Nature. Something pertaining to what we need to do. Something pertaining to whatever. If he says it, it’s gold in my eyes and my ears. Just like me and other players on this team, it’s our job to go out and execute whatever is called. And whatever is said. You just have to take heed to it.”

The 4-5 Patriots will take on the 2-7 Texans this Sunday.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports