Cam Newton: More than ever I have ticked-off dog mentality


In a video over the summer with Odell Beckham Jr. and Todd Gurley, Cam Newton spoke on his mentality following being a free agent for so long.

The veteran quarterback said the Patriots were getting a "dog" and a "ticked-off dog."

So, after the team has dropped three straight games and Newton has struggled, what's his mentality now? Is he still a "ticked-off dog?"

"Listen, and I’ll say this. I’ve been away from; I’m still on this hiatus where I’ve kind of blocked a lot of things off. But make no mistake about it – yeah, more than ever," he said via video conference. "Because I feel like when you’re trash and when you put on performances like I did this past week, anybody can start talking to you – from the whisperers and the chirpers. But when you’re doing your job and when you’re good enough, certain people, it doesn’t even get to your desk. But the fact that you’re down, or you may be low in confidence at that particular point in time, you’re an easy target because you’re down. But when you’re going, that’s growth, that’s maturation for me.

"When you talk about 'dog', that never leaves, that’s just a mentality. I live my life in that specific type of way. It was handed down to me, from coaches, to my dad, from peers and different teammates. You know what I’m saying? It never leaves. I might take a hit, but at the end of the day you know who you are and that’s all that matters.”

The 2-4 Patriots will travel to Buffalo Sunday afternoon for what Newton called a "must-win" game.