Cam Newton offers positive update on Julian Edelman


Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman had a procedure on his knee just under a month ago and has missed the last three games.

He's eligible to return as soon as this week and while Cam Newton didn't give any specifics on a potential return, he gave a positive update on the receiver during his appearance Monday on The Greg Hill Show.

“I can confirm he’s getting better,” he said. “He’s doing well. For him to be everything that he is — and I know he may be listening or he may be having his people listen — he’s good, man.

“Just to see him in good spirits and knowing that we’re doing our job as a team so when he comes back, it’s evident that he’ll have help at that position.”

At the time it wasn't expected to be a season-ending injury, although some people had their doubts.

Now that the offense has seemed to have found something of late, Newton is excited about getting Edelman back at some point.

“We just need him to be healthy,” he said. “We need him to have that same speed that he’s always had, but now being a little more healthy, he’s now able to cut it loose without necessarily thinking. I think that’s all he wanted, and that’s all we wanted as a team.

“Julian Edelman is obviously a pinnacle — I would say a person that’s on Mount Rushmore of Patriots history over the years for everything that he has done and what he represents as a player. So I’m just anticipating the day that he comes back.”

In six games this year, Edelman has 21 catches for 315 yards.