Cam Newton shares his nicknames for multiple Patriots teammates


Over the course of the summer, Cam Newton has revealed several nicknames for his Patriots teammates, but they were pretty obvious ones -- "Stiddy" for Jarrett Stidham and "Hoyster" for Brian Hoyer.

Monday on The Greg Hill Show, Newton revealed several others, including a few where it's hard to know who they are really for.

Here they are:
-- Highway 11
-- Doughboy
-- Dirty Dave
-- Smokin' Joe
-- Winnie the Pooh
-- Free Mason
-- Buzzo
-- Burky
-- Twin No. 1
-- Twin No. 2
-- Bo Diddley
-- Crazy Legs
-- Bent Dog
-- Stiddy
-- The Hoyster

Listen to the entire interview below, as Newton went in-depth on his chain that some Miami players tried to rip off, feeling disrespected, and more.