Cam Newton via GHS won't apologize for way he played vs. Cardinals


Cam Newton certainly was not at his best in Sunday's 20-17 win over the Cardinals.

The quarterback was just 9-for-18 passing with a career-low 84 yards and two interceptions. It was just the fourth time in the Bill Belichick era where a Patriots quarterback completed fewer than 10 passes in a game.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday morning, Newton acknowledged the way he played was "unacceptable," but he's not going to apologize considering the final result.

“It’s crazy and having a conversation with family members yesterday, it kind of sparks a lot of things. I would be the first person to say I didn’t play my best game yesterday," he said. "But, let’s be totally clear, I don’t play this game for statistic benefits, I don’t play this game for any type of individual accolades, I play this game to win. Right? I am not going to apologize for winning. I don’t care how we won and I would take a win in most cases this year rather than having the three and four hundred yards passing. In my opinion, did I do enough to win in those games? Who cares. I am not going to go back and turn the page and what transpired yesterday was just a result of a great team win that I am not going to feel sorry for. It is what it is.”

Cameras caught Newton saying "I'm sorry" to Josh McDaniels after Nick Folk's game-winning field goal.

“It was just a culmination of everything," Newton said of the exchange. "And you don’t know when the camera’s on you. You don’t know when somebody’s shining a light. When you play in the National Football League, you play a professional sport where the camera is always on you. It was just a dialogue between me and Josh, man. Everybody was happy, as as I, and I just knew I jeopardized the team in a way. And nobody, especially not one of the leaders on the team - wants to have that happen. And I knew.

"You’re talking to a person who is not oblivious to the way that I played yesterday It’s unacceptable. But at the same time, I am no going to sit up here and be sorry, sorry, sorry — apologize, apologize, apologize. I said what I had to say and it’s time to move forward. I’m not about to apologize for a great team win and I think that is what’s most important. At the end of the game, was I in my feelings? Absolutely. Just like any other competitor would be knowing what was done and how it was done. Bet yet, we won and that makes everything OK.”

The 5-6 Patriots will take on the Chargers this Sunday in L.A.