How Patriots’ game vs. Bills really won’t impact 2021 draft position


With the Patriots being mathematically eliminated from the postseason, some of the attention now shifts towards the 2021 draft and where the Patriots will be selecting.

Following Sunday’s games, at 6-8, the Patriots are currently slated to pick No. 15, but that could change following Monday’s game against the Bills.

With a loss, the Patriots would likely move up until the No. 14 position, moving ahead of the 49ers. They would be tied with four teams at 6-9, but because of tiebreakers they would be at the backend of those teams.

With a win, the Patriots would likely stay put at No. 15. They would be tied with the Raiders at 7-8, but they have the tiebreaker to get the higher draft pick.

Based on this, what happens Monday at Gillette Stadium really will not have much baring on the Patriots’ 2021 draft position.

Looking ahead, it seems the lowest the Patriots can go is No. 17 overall and that would require them winning both games and the Cardinals and Raiders losing next Sunday.

The highest the Patriots can go is a bit more complicated.

A top-10 pick seems out of the question as right now the No. 10 pick belongs to the Broncos, who already have 10 losses. Losing both games would get the Patriots to 6-10 and get them anywhere from selecting between No. 11-14.

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