Watch Joe Cardona go from long-snapper to Naval officer for re-enlistment ceremony


From about 10 am to noon on Wednesday afternoon, Joe Cardona donned his New England Patriots uniform, staying ready to take the field when it was time for Nick Folk or Tristan Vizcaino to send a ball soaring through the uprights.

But the Patriots long-snapper had an even more important task after practice, and that job required a costume change.

Cardona, a Naval Academy graduate who holds the rank of Lieutenant with the U.S. Naval Reserve, donned his fatigues to perform re-enlistment ceremony following Wednesday's joint practice with the Carolina Panthers.

Members of the Panthers and Patriots gathered around and applauded after a testy two days of practice that involved multiple fights, with Mac Jones, Cole Strange, Henry Anderson, and Bill Belichick stopping to talk and sign autographs for service members.

Here's the video: