Just admit it Patriots fans, winning March is fun


Market’s open! The opening bell rang in New England around lunch time on Monday with the signing of the highly skilled and emerging talent, Jonnu Smith. A good tight end on a tight end desperate team you say? Sold American! Frankly I was happy with that.

By the time the NFL markets closed for the day on Monday, if you had emotional shares in the New England Patriots your position was solid and your portfolio was growing; BIG time. Feel free to be bullish on the Pats. Feels good doesn’t it. To those who have already yapped that ‘you don’t win in March’ sit on it. Have some fun in your life for heaven’s sake. It was a happy day and I’ll continue to throw my ball into your yard until I come off of my high.

By Monday night, the old calculator needed a recharge and the abacus needed a little polish after a heavy workload. During a wildly aggressive and unprecedented free agent shopping spree, all in, the Patriots Monday market closed adding talent at positions of need all over the field. TE Jonnu Smith, DT Davon Godchaux, LB Matthew Judon, DB Jalen Mills, WR Nelson Agholor, WR Kendrick Bourne and DL Henry Anderson joined the recently reacquired LT Trent Brown as New England’s newest additions and stabilizing forces. What a great day. Nothing better than closing deals in bunches. Feels good. Real good.

Then on Tuesday morning, before you could finish reading all the articles and opinions on your newest acquisitions, Darth Hoodie struck again. With lightning bolts blazing out of his cash heavy hands, the Patriots signed Hunter Henry. Talk about hands, oh baby! If Monday was a ‘Bing-Bang’ then the Henry signing on Tuesday was the ‘BOOM.’

Bing-Bang-Boom! Somebody is going to love throwing to these guys…

Then Wednesday, former Patriot and NFL bloodline guy, Ted Karras was resigned to help solidify an offensive line that will likely lose 40% of its 2020 starters in Joe Thuney (KC) and David Andrews. Swift action and another savvy move. And to top things off ... Kyle Van Noy.

Beyond the actual personnel (which I like), what has been most exciting and enjoyable is the approach. I love the action. I tweeted on Monday that Belichick reminded me of how I feel in the beginning of a Fantasy Football auction. It’s like the gates opening in a horse race, instant action. Monday was pure adrenaline and it was also smart.

The Patriots had several holes to fill as I have chronicled in this space several times over the last several months, most recently here: The Patriots’ offseason pitch is becoming clearer (radio.com). So the approach on Monday was pure genius. The Pats set the pace. They set the market. They made a list, checked it twice, did their math and struck with great urgency; likely confusing and paralyzing some if not several NFL personnel guys. The pace was furious and purposeful, taking control and getting everything they set out to do accomplished. How can you not love that?

You can debate the actual players if you must, but the strategy was capitalism at its best. To those who say that history proves that building your team in free agency is risky, that is true but you need to take a deeper dive. Context matters. The 2021 Patriots had to do it this way and the way they did it (the design and nature of the signings) doesn’t handicap their future at all. They had too many needs to sit back and wait. So they handled their business and took care of business the first moment they could. Best yet, they still have all their draft capital heading into April. In fact, they improved their position in Sunday’s Marcus Cannon deal.

I say bravo.

For those who are unconvinced (first, lose my number), but then consider these little nuggets. I’m 50 years old and I think I can remember one, maybe two St. Patty’s Days when the skies weren’t dark and rain, sleet and snow wasn’t miserably pouring down upon me from the heavens. This year? Sunny skies. Always a good a sign.

If you’re a fan of the Pats (which I’m guessing you are if you’re hanging here), then you simply need to enjoy this. Just enjoy it. It’s like a shooting star, a perfect sunset or a rare animal sighting. You may never experience it like this again. So enjoy it because this one felt like it was for the fans. Seeing that I’ve been writing about the Patriots needs since October, I’ve got to say, I feel heard on this one (for once) and that feels nice too.

March is usually a snoozefest in these parts and winning in January and February is obviously when it matters most. However, if this is what winning March feels like, I’ve gotta say, I like it.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports