Patrick Mahomes thinks 2020s Chiefs can be like Brady-era Patriots


Top-tier franchise quarterback? Check. Highly respected head coach destined for Canton? Check. Dynamic playmakers on both sides of the ball? Check.

It seems as though this iteration of the Kansas City Chiefs has the makings of a true dynasty in today's NFL. And when I think of an NFL dynasty, no team leaps to my mind quicker than the New England Patriots of the 2000s and 2010s.

After all, they had Tom Brady. They had Bill Belichick. They saw names like Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, Darrelle Revis and Vince Wilfork dominate the opposition and play crucial roles for chunks of seasons before letting the next wave of supporting talent flow in. It was this type of formula that led the Patriots to 19 straight winning seasons, from 2001 to 2019, with Tom Brady at the helm for each and every amazing campaign (save for 2008). Six Super Bowl rings. Nine Super Bowl appearances. A true and utterly terrifying dynasty.

But with Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and plenty of other big names in tow, it's hard not to see the resemblance. So when Mahomes joined The Drive on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, hosts Carrington Harrison and Sean Levine asked the quarterback if he thought the Chiefs would be able to pull off a similarly long run of dominance as the Brady-era Patriots.

"Yea, I mean it's going to take everybody in the organization, top-down, to do something like that" Mahomes said. "If you watch how they run their organization, how they run their football team, how they're coached, how they play... they give 120% every single rep, every single practice. That's what we have to try to do, try to strive for. That's why it doesn't happen a lot in the NFL -- it's because you can't have that culture every single year it seems like.

"But I think Coach Reid has built a great culture here, and we're just gonna take it week-by-week, day-by-day, and try to get the best out of each other every single day. And then when we look back at the end of our careers, we'll have no regrets because we know that we left everything we had out there on the field and in the media room..."

Of course, the peak year for that great Patriots dynasty came in 2007 when they became just the fourth team in NFL history to have a perfect regular season, joining two pre-1950 Bears teams and the 1972 Dolphins. However, they won 18 straight games before losing in the Super Bowl, which is the most victories without a loss of all time.

With three wins in three weeks already, the Chiefs have a perfect, unblemished record. But is this something Mahomes thinks about, achieving that mystical perfect season, especially after they may have won their hardest game of the season over the Baltimore Ravens?

"No, not really honestly," Mahomes said with a laugh. "You understand how hard this league is and you understand that week-by-week, it's a battle. You have to really prepare for that next team, week in and week out, day-by-day, and just focus on that game.

"At the end of the year, whatever happens, whatever happens."

Mahomes and the Chiefs, coincidentally, take on the Patriots in Week 4. While Brady is gone, Bill Belichick is still the mastermind behind the operation, and these two AFC powerhouses will compete in the most exciting contest the NFL has to offer in this slate of games.

Listen to the full exclusive interview with Mahomes below.

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