NFL Network's Peter Schrager explains how Hunter Henry/Patriots is 'perfect fit'


Tight end is one of the Patriots' biggest needs this offseason and one name connected to the team more than most is Hunter Henry.

On Good Morning Football Thursday, NFL Network's Peter Schrager explained why he believes Henry and the Patriots are the perfect fit.

“Why would Hunter Henry and the New England Patriots be the perfect fit? [The] Patriots, No. 1, they need offense, they need weapons, they need weapons and they need more weapons," he said. "One of the worst offenses, skill position-wise that we’ve seen in a long time with what the Patriots brought onto the field last year. They have some young players, they have some budding talent. But gosh, do they need to start over. They do. And they have the salary cap space to do it. I believe Hunter Henry makes a lot of sense for New England, but he is a performer. He is a guy who can catch the ball. He can block. And he’s just entering the prime of his career. I think at the very least, you have a player that can be a reliable pass-catcher, something I don’t think the Patriots had when Julian Edelman went down last season.

“No. 2, the tight end position in New England, that has been a giant void since Gronk left. This guy is not Gronk. Gronk is one of the all-time bests. Gronk [catching] is one of the all-time bests, when he blocks he’s one of the all-time bests. Hunter Henry is a good player. Gosh, is he an upgrade with what they had. I know they have drafted a few players in the last few years. None of them last year stepped up and showed they can be what they should be in Josh McDaniels’ offense. I am not giving up on Devin Asiasi just yet, but you can’t tell me when you start Week 1 you’re looking at Devin Asiasi as the No. 1 tight end in New England. Hunter Henry is an upgrade. Hunter Henry can play and if you put [him in] that Gronk offense, which is what Josh McDaniels’ offense is, there’s a lot of reliance on the underneath and on the tight ends. They haven’t had it the last few seasons. I think Hunter Henry makes a lot of sense.”

With that being said, Henry did say last week he would want to join a team that has a good quarterback, which right now the Patriots do not have.