ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky: Next 3, 4 years are going to look very different in New England


Dan Orlovsky is one of the up-and-coming NFL analysts for ESPN and is known for his honest and blunt assessments when it comes to both players and teams.

He didn't hold back when discussing the 2-5 Patriots this week on ESPN.

“The dynasty is over,” Orlovsky said. “It really ended on March 17 when Tom Brady left."

He added: "Bill Belichick has said it himself. They sold out. They sold out over the last five years to try to win as many Super Bowls as they did. And they got a couple, but the dynasty is over. The next three or four years are going to look very, very different in New England.”

Orlovsky pointed to the team's poor drafting of late as being a reason why they are where they are.

“They drafted poorly,” he said. “Go back to 2013. I think they’ve drafted one really good player in the first round. That’s Isaiah Wynn, their left tackle. They’ve missed on a bunch of first rounders and second rounders, especially at the skill positions. So, how do you rebuild an organization that right now is struggling in the draft. [The Patriots] haven’t shown they’ve been able to do that.”

The Patriots will take on the winless Jets Monday night.