Patriots monitoring air quality in Seattle ahead of Sunday night game vs. Seahawks


Earlier this week, the Seattle Mariners had to move games against the Giants to San Francisco because of air quality concerns due to smoke from wildfires in California.

With the Patriots taking on the Seahawks in Seattle Sunday night, air quality has been brought up this week with New England, but Bill Belichick and Co. believe things should improve for Sunday.

"We're aware of it," he said on a video conference Thursday. "We’ve looked into it a little bit. I think the forecast that I've seen, tracked them over the last couple of days, looks really pretty promising that there's some wind currents coming in from the Pacific – not that I know anything about wind currents or meteorology or anything here, but this is other people telling me that – but that that's going to help. Certainly, by the end of the week, sounds like as early as Friday, things could start to clear up a little bit.

"So, I’d say from our standpoint really we're going to control the things that we can control. We’ve talked about possibly some things that we might be able to do a little bit differently if necessary. Right now, I don't really think that it appears that will be necessary, but we'll monitor that situation and see. So, yeah, thanks for asking about that, but I'd say right now it's tracking to where we don't anticipate a major problem, but we'll be prepared if things change."

Due to COVID-19, there will be no fans at CenturyLink Field, which is one of the loudest stadiums in the league.

Both teams come into the matchup 1-0 on the year.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports