Ratings for NFL Wild Card Weekend were down big


With the addition of a playoff team in each conference and two more Wild Card games, the NFL called it "Super Wild Card Weekend," but when it came to television ratings it wasn't super at all.

According to Sportico, ratings for the games were down 25% on Saturday compared to last year and 20% on Sunday.

Ratings overall were down 7% in the regular season, so that is a big jump to upwards of 20 for the first weekend of the postseason.

So, what are some possible reasons? It may have just been too much football.

There were roughly 10 straight hours of action both days, which is just a lot even for the most invested of fans. The games also were not all that spectacular. Half were one-score games, but the outcome in all but the Bills/Colts were never really in doubt.

Another reason could be the events in Washington last week and people's attention over the weekend still being directed towards that.

While on the surface six playoff games in two days seemed like a good idea for the league, at least for this year the results in terms of fan interest it was not.