Tom Brady abruptly exits postgame press conference following loss to Chiefs


Tom Brady and the Buccaneers have now lost two straight games and three of their last four, following a 27-24 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday.

Following the game, Brady ended his postgame video conference with reporters after taking questions for just under 2.5 minutes, which is not the norm for him, or any starting NFL quarterback, especially following a game.

Courtesy of, here's the exchange that ended it when ESPN's Jenna Laine brought up Rob Ninkovich saying last week the quarterback needs another head coach.

Q: Hey Tom, as you head to your bye week, there have been some folks who have had some chatter about, you know, you still look like you are running someone else’s offense. One of your former teammates even said on TV that you need a new head coach. What do you make of all of that?

Brady: Nah, it’s just external noise that when you are losing, that’s what you deal with. I love playing with the guys that I play with, the coaches, the whole organization has been unbelievable. I think I have to go out and certainly do a better job the last four weeks of the year. So, I appreciate it. Let’s have a good week.

Tampa Bay is currently on its bye week before taking on the Vikings Dec. 13.