Tom Curran shares his theory behind the Patriots' unusual coaching staff


Why isn’t Bill Belichick naming offensive and defensive coordinators? Tom Curran says it’s mostly about dismissing standard operating procedure.

On “Gresh & Keefe” this week, the Patriots Insider provided his theory as to why the Patriots are staying mum on what roles their assistant coaches will hold next season.

“It’s really a shell game that Bill is perpetrating for whatever reason, and I have to look at it as there’s diminishing returns on the effort being expended,” Curran said. “Certainly in some cases — the cases mainly with the offense — there is ambiguity, and there are titles that are not applied, because they don’t know what they’re going to do. They don’t know who the play-caller is necessarily going to be, they don’t know how the offensive plan is going to necessarily be coordinated and what is in what roles over there.”

Joe Judge confirmed to reporters this week he’s worked with Mac Jones, and Matt Patricia confirmed his primary coaching duties are with the offensive line. But neither of them would divulge who will be calling plays. ESPN’s Mike Reiss has reported there will be an open competition between them during training camp.

“To me, I look at that, and say, ‘You’ve gone from the best coordinator in the league on offense and a consistent voice in the ear of Mac Jones to help guide him to a Pro Bowl season, and now it’s going to be, OK, guys who we trust as being in the system, but have never coached offense, and we’re going to have an audition/competition that’s not really a competition because everyone is working together and everybody’s got their hands in the soup,’” Curran said. “So over there, I’m a little concerned.”

While the defensive staff seems more settled, there’s still ambiguity about job titles. Curran says he doesn’t understand Belichick’s thinking, outside of a desire to be intentionally evasive.

“I think it’s a disservice to guys like Jerod Mayo or Steve Belichick or anybody else, because the league does thrive on titles,” Curran said. “Bill not applying them is really more of kind of an agitation directed towards the media and how things are done, just the same way as having his coaches speak on back-to-back days before we’ve watched a single practice is kind of a, ‘OK, good, you got us. We had to talk to them twice, and you’ve jammed them together. OK, you got us, Bill. Good work.’ How can you be concerned about that after 40 years in the league, or 45 and six Super Bowl titles, to be that concerned with something as picayune as this.”

That is a good point. Shouldn’t Belichick have bigger things to worry about than stonewalling the media in mid-May?

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