Bill Belichick mic'd up: Patriots coach wasn't happy with officials, Broncos OL last week


Bill Belichick was mic'd up in Sunday's 18-12 loss to the Broncos and the coach was not happy with a few things, including referee Scott Novak and the Denver offensive line.

“Scott, we’re getting tackled there on that play-action,” Belichick said, which was featured in this week's NFL Game Day All Access. "I don’t know how you let that go when they tackle him from behind. On this play-action right here about the 40-yard line on the last drive.

“... I mean, he tackles him. C’mon, man. Like, this (Broncos offensive) line, all they do is punch in the face and hold.”

Belichick was also shown talking to Ryan Izzo following his fumble.

“Ryan, that’s our catch-and-tuck drill right there,” he said. “That’s our catch-and-tuck drill right there. Put it away.”

Click here for the video, which comes very early in the program.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports