What could Patriots potentially get in return for Stephon Gilmore?


It will be an interesting offseason when it comes to Stephon Gilmore.

If one thing is certain it’s that he will not play the 2021 season under his current contract, which has him getting paid just $7 million in the last year of his deal.

The Patriots can either sign him to an extension, cut him, or look to trade him. Cutting him doesn’t seem likely, so the other two options are in play.

When it comes to a potential trade, it’s hard to say exactly what the Patriots could get in return.

Gilmore, who will turn 31 years old next September, is coming off a season-ending knee injury, which required surgery. His value certainly isn’t as high as it was last offseason when he was the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, but is obviously worth something.

The Patriots reportedly were asking for a first-round pick around the trade deadline last season, so they’d likely have to come down from that. A second-round pick seems like a good starting point. A team looking to win now that needs some help in the secondary would likely have no issue with parting ways with a second-round pick.

Another scenario is he could be used in a package to move up in the draft, presumably into the top-10 for a quarterback.

While he certainly wouldn’t be the only piece in the deal, or even the biggest, he definitely would help the cause. Let’s just say the Patriots wanted to move up to No. 7 and swing a deal with Detroit. Would the No. 15 overall pick, a third-rounder and Gilmore be enough? Maybe.

It definitely isn’t a sure thing that Gilmore is traded this offseason, but it is likely the Patriots will do their due diligence and see what they could get in return.