Listen: Jermaine Wiggins has stunning prediction for Saturday's Patriots-Bills game


All season long, Jermaine Wiggins has been down on Mac Jones, but in a stunning turn of events, he's changed his mind -- at least when it comes to Saturday night against the Bills on Wild Card Weekend.

“This is going to be the game where we go, 'Mac Jones won that game for you,'" Wiggins said Friday on The Greg Hill Show. "… There’s no way Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills allow the Patriots to run all of them like they did in the first game that they played them. This is going to come down to Bill Belichick drawing up a great defensive game plan and Mac having to make that drive late in the game where has to win the football game.”

Listen to more of Wiggy changing his tune below.

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GHS - Wiggy's stunning Patriots vs. Bills prediction
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