Christian Arroyo is becoming a memorable piece of the Red Sox' puzzle


Just after Christian Arroyo bat-flipped and euro-stepped his way around the bases following his pinch-hit grand slam Wednesday night, I sent this tweet out ...

Just a reminder for those jumping on the Arroyo bandwagon.

This guy is a really good player with a lot of personality. It's time to realize that. Because it wasn't too long ago he was viewed as something much less exciting.

Another Chaim Bloom random waiver claim. A guy who wasn't valued enough to commit to even in the midst of the 2020 roster chaos. A guy who many believe was on the outside looking in when it came to making the 2021 Opening Day roster. A guy whose chances would certainly be limited due to the presence of Enrique Hernandez. A guy whose flashes were simply an occasional bonus.

Well, now he's a guy the Red Sox and their fans shouldn't hesitate to lean on.

Do you realize why we were soaking in that quote from Alex Cora suggesting Hernandez was the best defensive second baseman in the game, Arroyo hasn't made an error since June 2, 2019?

Do you understand that Arroyo not only has shown the ability to become the guy you want up with the game on the line, he is also the guy who can punctuate the moment with a 467-foot home run?

Can you comprehend that the Red Sox have found a former first-round draft pick who is playing like former first-round draft pick?

His numbers -- .265 batting average, .773 OPS -- are modest, but his impact is not. For maybe the first time since Dustin Pedroia's availability went out the window, it seems like the Red Sox might have an answer at second base. And that's certainly something.

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“You know, I just think it’s one of those things, you can never be too well rounded in your game," Arroyo said. "When I got drafted, I got drafted by an NL team and being a middle infielder, it just kind of came with the territory of we’re going to bunt and we’re going to make sure you’re good at bunting. I know that was just one of the things I liked to do. There’s situations when it happens. Obviously the AL is a little bit different because you have a DH but being in the NL and getting the opportunity to play there, you realize how important those bunts are. Before the game, Danny (Santana) was bunting and I said it never hurts to go out there and get extra early work in. If you told me, hey, in about four and a half hours, you’re going to hit a go-ahead grand slam in the seventh, I probably would have laughed in your face and said, maybe, or I might go up there first and second no outs and I might lay a bunt down and might try to get a runner over or two. It’s just part of the game. That’s the beauty of this game. It’s so unpredictable and we’re having fun.”

Having fun ... you think?