How Tanner Houck ended up with his skull on a necklace


To say Tanner Houck has handled his recent bout of adversity in fine fashion in an understatement.

Not only has Houck bounced back from taking a line-drive to the face on June 16 and picked up where he left off on the mound - allowing just one run in his most recent outing - but he has also handled the situation with great aplomb off the field, as well.

When presented with the opportunity to garner a keepsake from his fractured face, Houck jumped at the opportunity, having a 3D mold made of his CT Scan. And then, just for good measure, the pitcher used a chain from a Rafael Devers' giveaway to add even more panache to the souvenir.

To hear Houck detail the entire process (and motivation), listen to him on the 'Baseball Isn't Boring' podcast:

Tanner Houck explains why he has his skull on a chain

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