In case you missed it, Andrew Benintendi is on fire


This was not a good week for those suggesting the Red Sox will win the Andrew Benintendi trade.

While there is an anticipation surrounding pitcher Josh Winckowski's debut with Double-A Portland in the coming days, it's hard to look past what Franchy Cordero has been for the big-league club. In case you haven't been paying attention, the outfielder is one for his last 32 with 15 strikeouts.

Meanwhile, in Kansas City ...

After the slowest of slow starts with his new team, Benintendi has been one of the best hitters in the major leaguers since April 21. During the nine-game stretch, the left fielder has hit .419 with a 1.228 OPS, nine runs and three home runs.

It is the second-best batting average in baseball over that time in, and sixth-best OPS.

So, what has changed?

Benintendi altered his stance a bit, closing his front leg as to not pull off pitches. The Royals also dropped him the batting order after initially hitting him in the No. 2 spot. His surge has come primarily while hitting seventh, with residence in the No. 5 spot the last few games.

"It’s just pretty obvious when you watch the progression of the swing," Royals manager Mike Matheny told reporters. "We watch so many swings from our angle that you can start to feel when the timing looks right."

"There will be times when I go up to the plate with no approach, really, and I’ll just be swinging at everything,” Benintendi said.” I think the last week and a half I’ve stuck more to it, had a more obvious plan when I stepped in the box. I don’t want to say it makes it easier, but it gives you more of a chance to be successful up there.”