Jonathan Papelbon roasts Chaim Bloom with voodoo doll image


Jonathan Papelbon is not a fan of Chaim Bloom.

The ex-Red Sox closer roasted the analytically inclined chief baseball officer last month on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show,” questioning whether Bloom’s approach will ever work in Boston. On the “Sports Media Mayhem” podcast, Papelbon also criticized Bloom, and other executives, for thinking they can outsmart the competition.

Papelbon rips Chaim Bloom

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Papelbon got a bit more colorful Wednesday, sharing an image of Bloom’s head superimposed on a voodoo doll. The tweet is a play on Bloom’s line about Chris Sale’s bizarre and aggravating run of injuries possibly being attributed to voodoo magic.

“I couldn’t find a Sale voodoo doll, but I do have a Bloom voodoo doll. Anyone want to use it?,” wrote Papelbon.

We have to admit: that’s pretty clever.

The Red Sox have torpedoed since the trade deadline, losing four straight games and playing themselves further out of playoff contention. Though Bloom finally acquired an actual first baseman, Eric Hosmer, and brought in outfielder Tommy Pham, he traded Christian Vazquez and failed to upgrade the bullpen, which has a 7.15 ERA since the All-Star break.

There have been reports about confusion and frustration permeating the Red Sox’ clubhouse over the team’s ambiguous direction.

Papelbon, per usual, seems to be saying the quiet part out loud.

“Look, you’re going up against the Yankees and they’ve got one of the highest payrolls, and you’re going to come into the Red Sox front office and try to finagle your way through all these good deals and find the next prospect? No, that don’t work for me, man,” said Papelbon on GHS.

Judging by the strong response to Pap’s tweet, Bloom’s approach doesn’t seem to be working for many Red Sox fans, either.