Sean Casey recalls 'bush league' stunt Alex Rodriguez pulled on him

Sean Casey recalled a "bush league" stunt that Alex Rodriguez pulled on him on the latest episode of Unwritten: Behind Baseball's Secret Rules with Ron Darling and Jimmy Rollins.

Baseball is full of unwritten rules and luckily we have a few experts to weigh in on these subjects. Ron Darling and Jimmy Rollins were joined by "The Mayor" Sean Casey on this week's episode of Unwritten: Behind Baseball's Secret Rules.

The trio touched on a variety of topics, including a few controversial plays by one of the most polarizing players in the game: Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod and controversy went hand-in-hand during his playing career -- and some may say that they still do.

Casey, Darling, and Rollins touched on A-Rod’s shenanigans, including running across the “sacred” (or not-so-sacred) mound and him infamously calling for a pop-up as a baserunner.

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Casey shared a story similar to Rodriguez calling for the pop-up in Toronto.

While holding A-Rod on at first base with two outs, Jason Giambi hit “Just a one hop, poop soup to me,” Casey said (14:15 in player above). “I tell you my six-year-old daughter could catch this ball, right. It's right to me. And as it's coming to me, A-Rod starts running to second and is going ‘Boot it! Boot it! Boot it! Boot it! Boot it!’ I swear.

It’s a surprising thing to have yelled at you, especially by someone like A-Rod, and Casey reacted as such.

“And I remember catching the ball and before I went to first, I kinda looked at him like ‘Did that just happen? Did he just yell? ‘Boot it! Boot it! Boot it!’ To me?’ Like you gotta be kidding me,” Casey continued. “So I touched first and when I saw that incident happen with Johnny (McDonald), I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh. I had that happen to me from A-Rod telling me to boot the ball when it was coming to me,’” Casey said.

“I think that’s bush league to tell you the truth. Total bush league,” Casey continued.

“Words right out of my mouth,” Rollins chimed in (15:03). “That is bush league. One, we understand as infielders the importance of calling the other guy off… Two, it’s a dangerous situation when you’re running out and someone’s saying ‘I got it’ falsely.”

“As an offensive player to do that to the defender, being a third baseman, former shortstop himself, he knows better,” Rollins continued. “That’s a no no.”