Boomer: Matt Harvey Has Reached Out to Mets About Potential Return


Matt Harvey is determined to restart his baseball career, and what would be more fitting than a reunion with the Mets?

On Monday’s “Boomer and Gio,” Boomer Esiason said that the 31-year-old right-hander has “definitely been in contact with the Mets.”

“At least he’s reached out, let’s put it that way,” Boomer said. “The problem is that there’s no answers for Major League Baseball right now, but there is an answer for South Korean baseball. That’s where he can go right now and pitch if he wants. Or he sits around and waits to see whether or not Major League Baseball will start up and tries to catch on to one of these 50-man rosters.”

Sunday marked the 10-year anniversary of when the Mets drafted Harvey, and the former ace recently came out and said he had no regrets pitching beyond his innings limit in 2015 to help the Mets win the pennant and reach the World Series.

Many point to that as the turning point in Harvey’s career as he was never the same pitcher since and has been out of baseball since the Angels released him last July.

Harvey has been sharing videos of himself pitching on Instagram over the last few months, and on Friday it was reported that he was interested in joining the KBO.

But if MLB were to resume in 2020, the Mets could be an option.

“I think the Mets would consider it,” Boomer added. “But under the current conditions right now, I don’t see it happening … Matt Harvey needs to get his career restarted somehow, with some team, whatever it may take to get himself back on the field and maybe the best situation for him would be the KBO.

“…Yes, he has definitely been in contact with the Mets. He would definitely love to come back to the Mets. The Mets are not saying no to any of that at this point.”