Robert Wuhl: Joe Kelly's Suspension 'Is About The Virus'


Apparently, Arli$$ is a fan of Moose and Maggie, and had to call in to let them know on Thursday…oh, yeah, and also talk about the Joe Kelly suspension.

Indeed, actor Robert Wuhl, the star and creator of the aforementioned HBO series, dialed 877-337-6666 on Thursday during the Moose & Maggie Show to share some pleasantries with Marc Malusis and Maggie Gray.

“I want to tell you how much I enjoy your show! I’m on the West Coast, and I wake up every morning and listen to your show religiously,” Wuhl said. “You are so entertaining, and it’s very refreshing. And Maggie, you are an inspiration to my goddaughter.”

With that, and Maggie’s proclamation “Robert in California, go ahead,” Wuhl, a Dodgers fan, got down to business discussing Kelly’s suspension, and it was a hotter take than just defending Kelly.

“This isn’t about throwing at a guy’s head – they’ve been getting thrown at and said nothing – but this is about the virus. This happened the day after half of the Marlins’ team was diagnosed with COVID,” Wuhl said. “You have a Commissioner who has a sport that has a ticking time bomb, and this incident happens. It’s about him taunting and starting a near-brawl – you can’t have that. As bad as the cheating thing is, no one has died from Houston cheating, but 150,000 people have died from the virus. This is about the virus, and not following protocols. It will be reduced, and it’s not what the players want to hear, but in the big picture of the sport, you can’t have that.”

Literally in the middle of Wuhl’s statement, news came out that Phillies staffers had been diagnosed with COVID-19, and the team had their activities shut down and weekend series with the Blue Jays cancelled – seeming to further his take that non-adherence to protocols is a major issue.

Maggie surmised that if COVID had spread from the Marlins to the Phillies, that is the “nightmare situation” Rob Manfred was hoping to avoid, and led to Moose wondering what MLB will do if another Kelly situation arises – and that not only circled back to Wuhl’s point on Kelly’s suspension, but also gave him a chance to shine some levity on it.

“I don’t think they’ll go there yet, but that’s what this is about – (Kelly) nearly caused a brawl to break out, because of the taunting,” Wuhl said. “Joe Kelly just cost himself $436,214. I don’t think too many players – and players do know how much money it is – I don’t think they’re going to risk that much money to make their point about cheaters.”

Wuhl's entire call-in is contained in the video above, and as always, you can check out more on-demand audio from Moose & Maggie, or tune in daily to the or Twitch.TV/WFAN livestreams of the show!

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