Boomer thinks OBJ will end up in Dallas


Odell Beckham Jr. had a busy Sunday, what with getting asked to leave a plane headed from Miami to Los Angeles because he wouldn’t put on his seat belt.

At least it was something different in the chatter around OBJ, but when it comes to what we’ve all been talking about, Boomer thinks his next destination is already secured.

“He’s going to end up in Dallas, I don’t know why were even worrying about this,” Boomer said Monday. “He wants the ball, and they don’t throw the ball that well here. He wants to go to the Super Bowl, and as much as I’m hoping the Giants can somehow get to 10 wins and the playoffs, he’s just not going to be happy here.”

Gio doesn’t believe in the hype, saying that “the marketing with this has been insane,” and Boomer thinks it’s all overblown.

“It’s one team and the fans talking about it – but there’s no way he’s coming to the Giants,” Boomer said. “This isn’t the media or anything.”

Boomer wants everyone to remember what Beckham did to the Giants the last time, for one, but he also cautions that we’re talking about a 30-year-old wide receiver coming off his third career leg injury.

“No one has even seen him run routes, they’ve only seen the Instagram posts and such – he’s working hard, but it’s his second ACL, he’s had a broken leg, and he’s 30,” Boomer said. “There’s no way I’m giving him any sort of long-term contract. If I wanted to add him to my wide receiver room for a possible Super Bowl run and see how he does? I’d give him that if I were the Cowboys, not if I’m the Giants. They don’t have a passing game anyway!”

Maybe it’s all a decoy, as Boomer suggested?

“Maybe they’re just trying to get the Cowboys to spend more money, so they can eat up their salary cap?”

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