C-Mac: Brian Daboll was 'this close' to having 'a lot of fire under his seat'


The Giants avoided disaster thanks to their historic comeback on Sunday, and C-Mac says it helped avoid Brian Daboll’s seat from heating up.

“I didn’t think he was coaching for his job necessarily…but this coach was this close to it being panic city, with a lot of fire under his seat,” C-Mac said.

“You can’t have your team show up in back-to-back games and get embarrassed like that. The Giants were embarrassing themselves…this coach was this close to having all the bloom off the rose and being target numero uno.”

Instead, Daboll seemed to galvanize his team at halftime, when the Giants trailed 20-0, and turned it into an improbable 31-28 win, which C-Mac says not only saved the Giants season, but helped their head coach skirt some serious questions about his long-term outlook as the team’s leader.

“He recognized how pivotal that second half was going to be for their team…and he took over,” C-Mac said. “I don’t know to what extent. I don’t know if he was full blown calling plays, maybe he was being more assertive on what he thought should have happened. He took on a bigger role in the conversation of the play-to-play decisions of the offense. You could see it.

“It was real close to being toxic around this coach around this fanbase. Real close.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Christian Petersen | Getty Images