Keith: Jets defense should 'revolt,' publicly call out team's devotion to Zach Wilson


Trevor Siemian’s arrival likely doesn’t mean there will be much competition at the starting quarterback position for the Jets, meaning Zach Wilson is likely there to stay despite his struggles since being drafted.

Keith says the lack of motivation by the organization to get a more capable quarterback is grounds for the team to publicly voice their displeasure, especially after already enduring this fate last year.

“There are guys on this defense, they should revolt,” Keith said. “They should say whatever they want in the media. They shouldn’t feel like they have to be buttoned up or put on an appearance for anyone. They’re grown men, they’re professionals, they want to win as bad as any other player or team in the league, and this kid does not give them the best chance to win.
And yet, he’s gotten chance after chance after chance. It’s remarkable.

The fans should voice their displeasure as well, as Keith says they are being treated unfairly by being forced to rely on Wilson in a year that started with Super Bowl aspirations.

“We wait for these games. We only get one game a week. We wait months for the season,” Keith said. “These players have worked from Pop Warner, high school, college, and in the pros. You don’t get to be in the NFL for long.

“I just can’t believe they’re willing to smoke another season of these guys lives, standing by Zach Wilson. I don’t feel like that’s right. It’s not right that they’re doing it again.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa | Getty Images