Joe Benigno wouldn't re-sign Jacob deGrom if he were Mets GM


“Oh thank God for the Mets, thank you Lord,” was how Joe Benigno reacted when Tiki & Tierney shifted topics on his Monday segment from the Mets to the Jets.

And that lasted all of about 10 seconds, as once BT mentioned Jacob deGrom…all bets were off.

“You don’t want to get me started on deGrom – I wouldn’t give this guy a dime, goodbye,” Joe screamed. “They have a lot of free agents they need to re-sign, and I don’t trust this guy one iota.”

DeGrom has had a rough September, for sure, which Tiki and Tierney had to dote on.

“It’s like he’s been good, but not great,” Tiki said. “It’s almost like he’s an average pitcher in September, as opposed to the elite pitcher he has been, and the last thing you want to have to rely on is deGrom being able to flip a switch when it matters.”

“That’s fair, and I think the one thing that could be a little unkind to deGrom is that I don’t know if everyone is adjusting the prism through which they view his season, and you must,” BT replied. “Think about when he came back: he’s on a very different calendar than everyone else. Maybe it’s a little tired arm, or what it might be, but I do think that when deGrom has to deal, I have full faith he will.”

Joe, however, just doesn’t want to hear it given the level of competition Jake has faced.

“Remember, he gave up a three-run home run to tie the game against Pittsburgh,” Joe said, “and he goes up against this crummy Oakland team in a game they gotta have and he you-know-whats the bed.”

That’s when the conspiracy theorist in Joe came out.

“Don’t be surprised if like two days from now there’s some kind of twinge in his elbow,” Joe said. “All of a sudden, oh, wait a minute, Big Jake, this Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, greatest pitcher of all time, has this freakin’ injury. Gimme a break.”

DeGrom has spent enough time injured over the last two seasons, and at age 34 now, if he opts out, Benigno says let him go.

“I’ve had it with him; I wouldn’t give him a dime,” Joe exhorted. “They have a lot of guys to re-sign, so go pitch for the Texas Rangers, I don’t care. Sign Nimmo, sign Diaz, sign Bassitt, forget about deGrom!”

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