Gio: Mets and their monster payroll could become laughingstock of MLB


The Mets have now dropped two straight to a Cubs team that is not expected to compete for the postseason, spoiling the good vibes of a previous five-game winning streak that many hoped would put New York’s season back on the rails.

Instead, Gio and Jerry raise the question: Perhaps this Mets team is just not that good?

“This team is madly inconsistent,” Jerry said. “Frankly, they’re not that good. They’re not a bad team, I’m not saying that. They’re not great.”

“The games they won essentially took miracles,” Gio added. “That’s not something that’s sustainable. They come back after that five-game winning streak and essentially threw duds.”

Taking it a step further, Gio says if this team doesn’t contend for a World Series after the massive amount of money Steve Cohen has invested in the team over the past two winters, they would be the laughingstock of the league.

“You’ve got the richest owner in baseball hands down, who is going out there throwing money at every problem trying to build something, and this is what we get so far?” Gio said. “A team that absolutely puttered out in embarrassing fashion last year, and came back and has given you this? You better figure this out, or everybody is gonna be laughing at you.

“Everybody’s gonna be laughing their asses off, because this team that cost $375 million sucks.”

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