Tiki & Tierney discuss Verlander vs. deGrom, any Yankees interest in either?


News of Justin Verlander signing with the Mets broke while Tiki & Tierney were on the air – and while it sadly came after Joe Benigno had already done his weekly appearance, we got to hear what Yankees fan BT and baseball lover Tiki had to ay about the Mets’ big signing.

“We could sit here all day and debate who’s better between deGrom and Verlander, but in terms of durability, it’s Verlander,” BT said, noting that the COVID season and Tommy John surgery did compromise that. “The elbow was a little creaky and there was a slight downturn before that surgery, but that elbow is reconstructed, and he’s a beast – so let’s go!”

Tiki had another angle: who’s the ace, and who starts Opening Day?

“Scherzer, because he’s been here,” BT said, prompting Tiki to note Verlander’s Cy Young, and the debate to rage on…until producer Pete Hoffman noted that the Mets gave Verlander a bigger contract than they offered deGrom.

You have to listen to the whole discussion, with fan calls and BT's take on why the Yankees were never a real option for Verlander, for yourself to get the perspective – check it out!

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