WATCH: 'Diesel Donnie' Stevenson puts Pete Alonso through an "All-Star workout"


With just a few days left in phase one of the voting, Pete Alonso isn’t in the Top 5 among first basemen in NL All-Star voting, but that may change after you get a load of the Polar Bear in jorts, thanks to…Diesel Donnie?

You heard right: we thought Donnie, the Mets’ “recently-hired hitting approach coach,” was actually Alonso in disguise, but it appears we were mistaken – for in a new video posted by the Mets on their YouTube channel, the Polar Bear gets himself into a ridiculous “All-Star workout” with Mr.
Stevenson himself.

And, well, as you might expect from someone named Diesel, the character appears to be a cross between Macho Man Randy Savage, a bodybuilder, and a character from a Mad Max movie, complete with jean shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush.

During the workout, Donnie puts Alonso through the paces while alternating motivational speech with random movie quotes – and at one point, when the Polar Bear asks his trainer why he’s clad in jorts, Diesel simply spits back: “WHY AREN’T YOU?!?!?”

Check it out below, and be sure to vote for Alonso, and any other Mets and Yankees you want to, for the All-Star Game before Thursday’s round one deadline!

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