Boomer is 'disgusted' with Sal Licata for donning Islanders jersey: 'Shut your pie hole'


Gio and Sal Licata went to the Islanders game on Friday night at UBS Arena, and had the red carpet rolled out by owner Jon Ledecky.

Part of the welcoming included a custom Islanders jersey, to which, according to Gio, Sal happily accepted.

“He puts it on and says, ‘I can be bought, screw the Rangers!’” Gio said.

That set Boomer off, hearing that a fellow Rangers fan so willingly sported the logo of a rival.

“He can’t take it. He can’t accept that,” Boomer said. “He’s sitting there screaming at callers, ‘Fraud this, fraud that,’ ‘Shut up!’ You shut up! I’m disgusted at him.

“Here I am, one of his biggest fans at the whole radio station, and now I see this nonsense. Forget it, man. You are outside the circle of trust.”

What would Boomer have done if the owner of the Islanders presented him with his own jersey? Boomer had a simple solution for a real fan of the Blueshirts.

“The owner gives you a jersey, you hold onto it, ‘Thanks Mr. Ledecky, I’m not really an Islander fan, but I do appreciate the jersey, I’ll hold onto it. I can’t put it on, I am a hockey fan, I’m a die-hard Ranger fan, and I talk like I know what I’m talking about when I talk about the Rangers,’” Boomer said. “No you don’t Sal. Shut your pie hole. Never again. you are out! You are gone!

“This is ridiculous.”

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