Is Peter Schwartz going to go to T&LC Court for $17.10? Gio wants to see it


If you follow Peter Schwartz on Twitter, you’ve seen the saga of his ill-fated cab ride that cost him $17.10 (he assured us that 10 cents is an important detail) and dropped him off three blocks from his destination.

Well, if you think complaining on Twitter was bad enough, think again: Schwartz called 3-1-1 to complain about it, and now may want to take cab driver Chris to T&LC Court?

“I’m just envisioning this: you getting the court date, with Izzo there to film it,” Gio joked Monday. “You wake up in the morning focused, you put on the suit, the shoes, you drive into the city, you don't take a cab because now you don't take the railroad.”

“I take the railroad into Long Island City,” Peter shot back, before Eddie cued up the People’s Court music and Gio went to town.

“Here comes the complainint, Peter Schwartz, who was dropped off three full blocks away from his destination and got charged four full dollars more than a normal cab ride,” Gio mocked in his best announcer tone. “And here walks in cab driver Chris, whose life has been ruined over this. His wife has left him, his children no longer respect him, and he can't go to dialysis later. Is this what you want?”

“No, I don’t want it to get to that point!” Schwartz laughed. “I didn’t want to rip the scab off!”

“All you’re doing is wasting your time and inconveniencing people, which is what happened to you to make you upset!” Gio screamed.

“Yes, but I would feel a sense of accomplishment at the end if it came to an appropriate resolution,” Peter meekly said back.

It got worse for Peter, even worse than a ranch dressing bath: a cab driver named AJ called in and let him know exactly what would happen if he ended up in T&LC Court, which became the Moment of the Day when Schwartz found out the driver could be fined up to $400 for a $17.10 mistake…and Peter won’t get his $17 back.

“Okay Peter, now that you heard that, are we going to court and chasing this guy down to ruin his life?” Gio asked.

Replied Schwartz: “I don’t want this guy getting fined, I just wanted to make a point he ignored me twice.”

And then Jerry from the top rope: “When you listen back to that and hear the guy say you won’t get any resolution back for your $14, how do you feel?”

Like a large man doused in ranch dressing, we’d assume…

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