Boomer: Aaron Judge is now true home run king


Aaron Judge is the new Yankees and American League home run king after hitting his 62nd home run Tuesday night, and Boomer says by doing so, he became the true home run champ.

“I come down on the side of Roger Maris Jr,” Boomer said. “Aaron Judge, in my eyes, because of what those guys did in the 90s and how much their bodies changed. There was obviously a major impact it had on those guys hitting all those home runs.

“It changed your whole composition…I have to sit here as an objective sports analyst, and I’d have to say in my eyes, Aaron Judge is the home run king.”

Gio falls more in line with the mindset that the steroid era happened, it was rampant in baseball, and while those records exist, they are discussed with the caveat that they received some help along the way to those records.

“I sort of feel the same way, but it’s a hard thing to compare,” Gio said. “Nobody’s really doing this. Nobody’s getting even close to 62 clean, so the fact that he did it and actually got there was spectacular.

“I think the fact that we saw what we saw in the late 90s and early 2000s took some of the joy out of it…if that didn’t happen, then cutting into every one of his at-bats would have felt warranted.”

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