BT can't believe C-Mac is still supporting Brian Cashman: 'He's moving the goalposts'


C-Mac took some time out of his bridge show on Monday to question why some, including BT, were so critical of Brian Cashman’s comments to The Score in Chicago on Saturday.

Cashman had said that he couldn’t give himself an offseason grade because the Yankees are only graded by winning, though sometimes too harshly, as he was admittedly surprised by the response to last season’s fate, when the Bombers were swept out of the ALCS by the hated Astros. BT couldn’t believe the response, but C-Mac defended Cashman as a GM who consistently puts the Yanks in contention, but just needs to overcome injuries and get the team over the final hump.

“They lost to the one team that went on to win the World Series,” C-Mac said. “You could argue they were the 29th best team of 30, and you expect the GM to go up there and shove a samurai sword through his thumb because his team won 99 games, they won a division that had three playoff teams in it, and went to the ALCS. I don’t know another GM in baseball that’s gonna blatantly say that’s a failure.”

BT kept his focus more on where many past Yankees have said their focus lays squarely on: rings.

“They haven’t won since 2009, and Cashman’s moving the goalposts,” BT said. “Now he’s saying we had a hell of a run? You’re a good Yankee fan, how do you not see that? The bottom line is, there is no way any Yankee fan walked away from the end of last season feeling good.”

C-Mac agreed with that last sentiment, and while he isn’t an unconditional supporter of Cashman, he still isn’t sure there are many people who would do the job better.

“At the end of last year, if Brian Cashman was let go, it’s been 25 years, they haven’t won a World Series since 2009,” C-Mac said. “If he was let go, I wouldn’t have gone crazy. I would have been a little worried if the next guy would be better.”

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