Brian Cashman anticipates Aaron Boone to return to Yankees 'sooner than later'


Brian Cashman admitted to feeling a great sense of concern when the word “pacemaker” came up in conversations regarding Aaron Boone’s health when Boone approached him earlier this week.

But after speaking with the Yankee manager before Boone entered surgery on Wednesday afternoon, Cashman felt much more optimistic regarding Boone’s health outlook and pending return to the team.

“He put me at ease a few days ago when he first told me that with today’s science, which is so incredibly impressive, that this is an outpatient situation and he can be back up and running in 24 to 48 hours and back to normal,” Cashman said. “Just the way he communicated with me…my takeaway was that if he’s good, then I’m in a really good place, because all I care about is him. All we care about is him.”

Boone had the surgery to receive a pacemaker late Wednesday afternoon, and the Yankees released a statement that the surgery went as planned, that Boone was in good spirits and would be staying at the hospital overnight to “rest and recover.” Prior to the surgery, Boone sent his team a video message from his hospital bed, helping to put the players at ease as well.

“He assured everybody that this has become a routine procedure,” Cashman said. “It’s just something that’s necessary and it’s time to get it out of the way, and he’d see everybody sooner than later.”

Cashman anticipates Boone being ready to return to the team in “as early as 48 to 72 hours,” but of course, in the midst of a pandemic, Boone’s reunion with the Yanks will be a bit more complicated, even with procedures to implant a pacemaker becoming a much more routine surgery nowadays.

“All we care about is making sure he’s in good place first and foremost, that he’s healthy and that the pacemaker is working properly,” Cashman said. “That’s what the doctors will dictate. And then obviously you have to go through the intake testing and COVID protocols and return-to-play protocols…when the time is right, we’ll be ready. It sounds like it’s going to be a short-term thing, and we look forward to having him back.”

Boone approached Cashman earlier this week to fill him in on his health situation, the symptoms he had been feeling, and the necessary surgery that awaited.

“He said we’re going to have to pick a date sooner than later to get this done, and of course the Yankees standpoint was whenever,” Cashman said. “Take the time, even now, whenever is best for you…we have these jobs in everyday life, but nothing is more important than your health and your family.”

With Boone out of surgery, Cashman anticipates a return to the team sooner than later, and doesn’t see Boone needing any kind of long-term restrictions through the upcoming season as a result of his surgery.

“I’m not a doctor, but from the research I’ve done so far, it sounds like you can return to normal activities and everything without restrictions,” Cashman said. “I don’t think there will be any adjustments in the long-term.”

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