What would it mean for the Yankees to have Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez regularly in the lineup? 'I hope we find out'


The Yankees boast three of the most prolific righty power bats in baseball in Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez, but seeing the dynamic trio in action together hasn’t been as frequent as fans would like.

All three have battled injuries in recent years, and all three have shown what they’re capable of when they’re on the field. Stanton just launched a home run out of the stadium on Wednesday night, while Sanchez has hit two tape-measure home runs this spring. Judge has been among the most valuable players in baseball when he’s on the field, and having the three of them in the lineup together makes the Bombers particularly dangerous.

So, what would it mean for manager Aaron Boone to pencil those three into the lineup together for a full season in 2021?

“I hope we find out,” Boone said with a smile while talking to reporters on Thursday.

The Yankees have been hoping to see that since trading for Stanton prior to the 2018 season. Judge was coming off a historic rookie season where he blasted 52 home runs, while Sanchez, fresh off making his own history as a rookie in 2016, was an All-Star and eclipsed the 30 home run mark despite missing a month of action with a biceps injury. Stanton has just won the National League MVP thanks to his 59 home runs, but the years since have been a staggered struggle for the powerful trio.

Judge missed time in 2018 when he was hit by a pitch and suffered a fractured wrist. Sanchez struggled most of the season around multiple injuries, while Stanton put together a full season and hit 38 home runs. In 2019, it was Sanchez coming out to a roaring start, earning an All-Star selection and hitting 34 home runs, but Stanton missed almost the entire season, while Judge dealt with an oblique strain. Last year saw both Judge and Stanton miss half of the shortened season, while Sanchez fell into another prolonged slump.

It still hasn’t come together for the three righty bats in terms of extended health, and the Yankees would love for 2021 to finally be that year.

“We obviously feel like we can be a special offensive group, certainly if those guys are able to post together a lot,” Boone said. “I’m hopeful that we can find out how good they would look, because I think that they could be special.”

Stanton is a big x-factor for the Yankee lineup, which he showed last October when he blasted five home runs in four postseason games. But he’s managed just 41 games over the last two seasons, and is trying to shed the injury narrative that has swirled around him since 2019, after he played in at least 155 games the two seasons prior.

“He’s so disciplined as a hitter to his process and his approach, and how he prepares for how they’re going to attack him, and knowing what he wants to go up there and look for in different zones,” Boone said. “He really is disciplined to that. To see him work through that over the last few years has been fun. That’s why I’ve been so excited about him and what I know he’s capable of doing when he’s out there every day.”

But to have all three of those heavy hitters in a lineup and performing at their best simultaneously could be historic, and while Boone hopes he can pencil each one into the lineup on a regular basis this season, he is trying to keep his focus on the here and now, and making sure those three key pieces get through spring training and have them healthy for Opening Day.

“I know what they’re all capable of,” Boone said. “Therefore, I know ultimately what our lineup is capable of when they’re in it. But I’m more in on the day-to-day right now, making sure they’re getting the proper amount of work, recovery and build-up. That’s kind of where my focus is.”

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