Tiki: Aaron Judge was likely looking for an edge, but why do we care?


Tiki says the controversy around Aaron Judge is incredibly overblown, but that doesn’t mean the Yankee slugger wasn’t getting an edge during Monday night.

“He’d be stupid not to,” Tiki said. “I don’t mind if Aaron Judge was actually cheating…even if he was cheating, why the hell do we care? We call it cheating because we want to malign somebody. He’s just trying to create his advantage.

“If Aaron Judge is looking somewhere, whether it’s to the first base coach or the dugout…if Aaron Judge is looking to cheat, and is looking to gain an advantage that is not a technical advantage, meaning it’s not through an Apple Watch or a signal from a guy in the outfield sending a signal to the dugout, it’s just what happens in the course of a game. If you could use that advantage, use it.”

So, while Tiki has no problem with a player looking for a legal edge, he didn’t seem to buy Judge’s explanation for why he was glancing towards first base during his at-bat. But BT, who calls the controversy “nonsense,” says Judge’s description of what happened sounds perfectly reasonable given Judge’s personality.

“Aaron Judge’s natural disposition is to diffuse, to do things quietly…I sincerely believe Aaron Judge was getting tired of his teammates chirping,” BT said. “Your manager threw the gum, veins were popping, got his money’s worth, and I sincerely think Aaron Judge was bothered by his teammates still pursuing it after the manager has gotten tossed and were up by a bunch of runs.”

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