Gio: 'Absolutely pathetic' if Yankees don't match Aaron Judge's arbitration proposal


Aaron Judge’s arbitration hearing is scheduled for Friday, giving the Yankees an extra 48 hours to try and work out a deal and avoid a potentially contentious payment dispute with their homegrown star.

Gio says if the Yankees can’t come to an agreement with Judge, who is on an MVP pace this year, it would be a really bad look on team ownership and sour what has been a historic start to the season so far.

“It doesn’t sound like the Yankees are gonna give him a new contract,” Gio said during Wednesday’s show. “It doesn’t sound like they’re gonna give him the $21 million. It sounds like they’re gonna settle in and fight for the $17 so they can save $4 million this year. That’s what it sounds like.

“And if that’s the case, that’s just absolutely pathetic.”

A player’s 2022 stats can’t be taken into account at this year’s hearings, since they’re supposed to happen before the season but were delayed due to the lockout, but Gio still believes $4 million from one of the richest franchises in sports shouldn’t stand in the way of avoiding a hearing with your best player as he heads toward free agency.

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