Joe Benigno: 'Absolute disgrace' if Shohei Ohtani gets single MVP vote over Aaron Judge


Aaron Judge will resume his hunt for 62 home runs on Saturday, and as the regular season winds down, the debate over who should win the American League MVP has not quieted.

But Joe Benigno says there should be no debate at all. In fact, Judge’s top competition in Shohei Ohtani shouldn’t even receive a single vote.

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“If Shohei Ohtani even gets a vote for MVP, it’s an absolute disgrace,” Benigno said. “Aaron Judge is so far and away the most valuable player in the American League, it’s not even a debatable point in my mind.

“The guy might win the Triple Crown. He’s gonna hit over 61 home runs.”

Ohtani is a dynamic two-way star doing things nobody has seen since Babe Ruth, but Judge is the superstar of a division champion, trying to win the first Triple Crown since Miguel Cabrera in 2012. Joe says there should be no discussion whatsoever.

“Ohtani, he pitches, he can throw the ball with both hands, he can pitch with his feet, he’s so great,” Joe said mockingly. “But there are the Angels, 20 games over .500…isn’t it amazing that the Angels stink? If Aaron Judge does not win the MVP unanimously in the American League, there should be an investigation.”

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