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Discover music for every mood, every interest, every passion. By Audacy
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Audacy is proud to announce the launch of a new collection of exclusive music stations available on the Audacy app, online, and soon via smart speakers and connected devices, giving music fans a chance to discover new sounds, driven by their own interests, as well as their favorite bands and artists. These new stations connect you like never before, and are curated by the musicians you love, and by those at Audacy that truly love music.

Listen to your favorite music now on Audacy

You’ll now be able to immerse yourself in hand-curated music stations spanning across genres, moods, and activities, created by Audacy talent and some of today’s biggest stars. Chris Martin helps us kick it all off with his favorite songs on Coldplay’s Infinity Station, while Tiësto, Sofia Carson, and Jake Owen are also included in the lineup of artists with their own stations for the launch. Additional artist-programmed stations will be added in the coming weeks. Plus, give feedback via "likes" and "dislikes" to evolve and enhance your station experience, as Audacy continuously looks to improve for the listener with bold new content and expanding digital features to bring you more ways to stay connected to the music you love the most.

Stations created for fans, by fans. Get the soundtrack you always wanted, thanks to hundreds of stations curated by music directors, brand managers, and on-air talent from Audacy’s iconic brands.

Featuring the broadest variety of music at your fingertips. Relive your favorite tracks from days gone by, with stations from the '60s through the '00s. Want to dig deeper into your favorite genre? We’ve got a station for you. Plus, check out stations to keep you going, with soundtracks for grilling out, breaking a sweat, road tripping, and more.

Listen to over 350 new, exclusive stations featuring 140 new and expanded music genres (Pop, New Wave, Smooth Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, Alternative, Hyperpop), 40 multicultural (Tejano, K-pop), 20 mood/activity based (Backyard BBQ, Summer Road Trip), plus Audacy talent-curated stations like Ed Lovers’ Summer Jams and Megan Holiday’s My So Called 90s, as well as a growing lineup of artist-hosted stations.

These exclusive new stations add to Audacy’s 230 premium stations and 1,000+ local and national stations, along with top podcasts and a wide range of exclusive audio programming. Audacy offers anytime, anywhere access through the Audacy mobile app and website, along with over 10,000 home and auto-connected devices including Amazon Echo, Amazon FireTV, Sonos, Roku, Google Home, Google Chromecast, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Apple Music, Siri, and Samsung Bixby.

Discover music for every mood, every interest, every passion. By Audacy.

The Audacy app can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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