ESPN Announcer Doris Burke Roasts Ex-Husband on National TV


Doris has jokes.

ESPN announcer Doris Burke was on the call for Monday night’s Pelicans/Grizzlies broadcast from the Orlando bubble. New Orleans claimed a 10-point victory on the strength of Brandon Ingram’s 24 points on 8-of-16 shooting (Zion Williamson chipped in with 23 and seven in 25 minutes of court time) but the real story was Burke, who dropped an all-time one-liner late in the first half.

After replay confirmed Lonzo Ball’s charge with 1:20 remaining in the second quarter (the Pels were clinging to a six-point advantage at the time), the longtime color analyst joked to her partner in the booth Mark Jones, “I do like being right. Ask my ex-husband.”

Jones didn’t seem at all prepared for Doris’ clever quip, chuckling for a few seconds before responding, “There’s a reason it’s ex, huh?” Burke’s swipe at ex-husband Gregg Burke, who serves as head golf coach at the University of Rhode Island, went viral instantly. Reaction was split with half lauding Burke’s comedic talents with the other half seemingly lining up to date her (as many of you recall, Drake had a thing for Doris years back).