Late night discussion: Who is a Wild Card threat?

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The Buffalo Bills head into their bye week in a good spot at 4-1. An ESPN-owned analytics platform,, gives Buffalo the fourth highest odds to make the playoffs in the National Football League.

Their strength of schedule will continue to fall in favor of Buffalo as seven games left on the schedule are against teams below .500, five of which are against teams without even one win. 

With key injuries at quarterback to many expected AFC playoff contenders (Jaguars' Nick Foles, Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger, and Jets' Sam Darnold) and many disappointing starts for others, the once loaded conference doesn't seem to have as many serious threats to push the Bills. 

Who are those teams left that could keep Buffalo from playing into January? 

Fans took to Twitter for Tuesday's late night discussion to give their two-cents: 


Your own worst enemy?:


— Jeremy T, MSS, ATC (@JeremyTiermini) October 9, 2019

The bills, honestly

— Swaayze (@vSwaayze) October 9, 2019

The Bills. If they don't beat themselves they can finish 15-1

— Michael Buncy (@BuncyMichael) October 9, 2019

Three games above .500, a favorable schedule, and an elite defense at their disposal. Many fans believe the Bills becoming their own worst enemy is the only way there isn't a playoff berth in 2019. 


AFC teams to watch out for:

Colts. They should be dead, but they aren’t

— Brandon Brooks (@bbtrinet) October 9, 2019

Colts and Chargers

— Hontz (@hontz_michael) October 9, 2019

The Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis Colts were the two most popular choices. Los Angeles has had a slow start to the season at 2-3, but many contributors to the discussion believe the popular Super Bowl pick will get it together. 

The Colts are coming off a big win over the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Houston Texans continues to control the AFC South, Indianapolis has emerged as a favorite for one of the final two playoff spots. 

That Ravens game is a big one....

— Jason Kick (@donaldjtinyhand) October 9, 2019

Browns and Colts. Browns will get it figured out. They won’t dominate but they’ll get to 9-7. The Colts are under the radar but very dangerous and I don’t say that just because they beat KC. Raiders are there to but they’re no threat IMO.

— Shaun Piontkowski (@ShaunOFthe716) October 9, 2019

There are still some that think the Cleveland Browns will turn things around. One would imagine if they do, the Baltimore Ravens would certainly be in the mix for a Wild Card spot. 


Author's choice:

Before the season, it appeared the AFC had as many as 12 teams that, at least on paper, looked like potential contenders. Now, there might be seven or eight. 

The Bills are in a great spot right now. The correct answer likely is they are their own worst enemy. 

However, the two teams that will push Buffalo the most are the Chargers and the Colts. 

The Chargers are just too talented to continue their mediocre play. They also will get a top-tier player back from injury in safety Derwin James down the stretch. 

The Colts are run by, what should be, the Coach of the Year favorite in Frank Reich. Despite the retirement of quarterback Andrew Luck, Reich has Indianapolis in every game, regardless of the opponent. 

If Cleveland found a way to turn it around, the Browns or Ravens are serious threats that the Bills play head to head. However, Cleveland's offensive issues run deep and they don't have a proven core that has overcome adversity in the past. 


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