Golden Knights owner hints at shorter NHL season with a Canadian division

Bill Foley got into some details on the upcoming 2020-21 NHL season while being interviewed in Las Vegas

There is so much uncertainty on when the next National Hockey League season will begin and what it will look like.

Last week, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the league is aiming for a Jan. 1 start date.

During a radio interview in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley may have let some potential details of the season slip.

The headline from his interview with Brian Blessing on Vegas Hockey Hotline was a possible Canadian division for next season.

The idea of a Canadian division would be born in the fact that the U.S.-Canada border is still, for the most part, closed. Those crossing the Canadian border from the U.S. must quarantine for 14 days.

In September, U.S. residents made 72,800 trips across the Canadian border, according to the Canadian government. Down from 2.2 million trips in September of 2019.

NHL players would technically be able to cross, but the quarantine period would make scheduling a normal NHL season almost impossible.

Foley, when asked to expand on the idea of Canadian division, had this to say:

The second comment on some teams not being able to play without fans hopefully would not include the Buffalo Sabres.

When asked about finances back in June, Sabres owner Terry Pegula said:

"We need to do better moving forward in the sports business. Every team has to do it, because if we don't have any